Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is our VIP Cabana Boy Joshua-Deen Flores bringing back the Fanny Pack???

Remember the fanny pack? It was the sign of a nerd, a busy mom or a really bad episode of Saved by the Bell, but now, this uber-80s accessory has gotten a new look with a hot new definition. Fanny packs hit the runway this season in full force. Is Joshy adapting to this old-school fashion trend, or trying to bring back a part of the 80s that many of us want to forget? No longer bulky and gaudy, designers have taken the fanny pack to a slick new level that is perfectly fashionable. Think about it... if you live in the city, the fanny pack is the perfect way to stay light and mobile. Big enough to carry your Blackberry, tropical twist trident gum, eye drops, or even a small digital camera incase you catch a drunk celebrity and want to sell the pictures to the paparazzi. The pack is the perfect urban tag-along. We're not complaining, we enjoy seeing Joshy with his shirt off helping all the VIPs with their special drinking needs, but if you're going to sport a fanny pack, ever, make sure you sport it sexy! See you at Cherry Pop! - Steve Machuca aka ChUukEy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cherry Pop - 2/7/09

What a night! Brian Schulze and the dancers rocked the Cherry Pop stage with their own choreography and style! We hope to have them back for an encore performance. Check them out!

This weekend is Super Cherry Pop Valentine's Day! Please arrive early to avoid the insane line, it will be a capacity night and you know you want to get there early before Cupid runs out of arrows! ;) xx Steve Machuca aka ChUukEy