Thursday, December 18, 2008

Solange and Katy Perry

Wow, it was a crazy night a couple of weeks ago!

Along with Logo and Levi's and Top Floor Live, we presented a special edition of Cherry Pop and Unbuttoned Live!  Broadcast live on the internet on and on, tens of thousands of people watched worldwide as the boys and girls partied at cherry pop...and in turn, we watched them as they partied in their rooms and houses with their webcams turned on.

And as part of that event, the amazing Solange performed.  Yes, the little sister of Beyonce, whose hits "I Decided" and "Sandcastle Disco" are on serious rotation everywhere.  She rocked the house, with a full band, backup singers, and totally won the crowd over.

As if that wasn't enough, Katy Perry and Perez Hilton dropped by, just for fun.  She had never been to Cherry Pop and loved it!  She asked it I wanted to her to say hello to the crowd.  Duh.  Yeah!  Well, she did more than that.  She jumped up on the go go box with a microphone and sang along with her mega-hits I Kissed A Girl and Hot & Cold.

I thought the floor was going to drop out from underneath the club.  I think every gay boys head exploded when she got up and said, "Hey boys, it's Katy Perry!"  Literally, I think I saw people spontaneously combust.  I've never seen a club bounce the way Cherry Pop did when she went into the chorus of Hot & Cold.

Here are a couple of photos from the night.  Check out my website for more photos and some video coming soon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The beginning of the blog

So, what's the deal with this blog?  I throw parties in LA, and sometimes outside of LA.  And I wanted a place where I could post some behind the scenes dirt, put up some fun photos, and sometimes give some extra insight into stuff that's coming up.  Hey, and I need a place just to randomly talk about stuff that's going on.  (maybe you'll even get some insight into me as well...shockingly enough, I actually am a person as well as a brand.  lol.)

If you want more info on me, you can always go to my faceboook page, or my myspace (though I gotta say that I don't check my myspace like I do my facebook.)

If you want more info and photos from events, you can go to

Besides me, I'm gonna get some of my DJs to throw up some cool new music once in a while, and some of the other people who work at


So, let's start with some photos.  Here are some fun photos recently.

As if you can't tell, these are photos from the epic Lady Gaga performance at Cherry Pop.  I've had the Gaga perform at three events so far, and I can't get enough of her.  She is amazing every time, and finally the rest of the world is catching up and realizing it.

Before this show, she pulled me aside and said thanks for being the first person in LA to really believe in her.  And then she proceeded to storm on stage and blow the crowd away.  Her album drops very soon.  Buy it immediately.  She is the next big thing.  I've been saying it for almost six months now.

And everyone is believing it now.  Her music was featured on Gossip Girl and Dirty Sexy Money, she performed on So You Think You Can Dance, and she's all over Billboard.  She has a duet with New Kids On The Block on their new album, and she wrote a second track as well.


What else?  Some friends and I just went to the Emmy's and then to SIZE at here afterwards.

We had a fun gay time at the Emmy's in our suits, and figured that we usually go to here in tight T-shirts - this would be a nice change.

What's coming up?  Well, this Sunday, September 28th, Brett Henrichsen is spinning and Erin Hamilton is performing live.

And next Sunday, October 5th, Josh Peace spins and Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child performs live.  Her new album drops two days later, and this is going to be a really fun night.  Her solo album is great!

Okay, more later.

See you out.